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The primary objective of the Sidewalk Partnership Program is to provide residential property owners an economical and efficient means of obtaining functional sidewalk repairs; therefore, assisting with the positive resolution of sidewalk maintenance code enforcement actions. The City of Edmond will provide design labor, equipment and materials necessary to repair qualifying sidewalks and will document all expenses. Qualified residential property owners may partner with the City of Edmond for sidewalk repairs or reconstruction activities by agreeing to provide 30% of the total cost. The remaining balance will be paid by the City of Edmond resulting in a 70/30 matching program.

All work is subject to availability of matching funds.

Criteria For Qualification (All projects must meet the following criteria)

  • Property shall be located within the corporate limits of the City of Edmond
  • Property shall be fully improved, platted, and occupied
  • Property owner(s) shall agree to all terms and conditions
  • Property owner(s) shall provide matching funds prior to construction
  • Deterioration and pedestrian hazards shall be equal to or greater than 1” uplifts
  • Differential settlement shall be equal to or greater than 1”
  • Cracking shall be equal to or greater than 1 1/2 ” separations
  • Sidewalks with missing or substantially cracked sections incapable of bridging typical pedestrian traffic shall qualify for replacement
  • City of Edmond shall identify and recommend maintenance options including; materials, tree remediation, grinding, partial repairs and/or full replacement.

Specifications & Conditions
  1. Prior to repair or replacement the City Manager, or his designee, shall approve sidewalk project locations.
  2. Appeals shall be made to the Public Works Committee whose determination shall be final.
  3. Sidewalks shall be repaired or replaced according to City of Edmond standard specifications.
  4. Partial repairs may be conducted, i.e. sectional replacements and other limited scope repair activities.
  5. If necessary, property owners shall be responsible for identifying and re-locating sprinkler systems, removing any encroachment on sidewalk and cutting tree roots that are damaging the sidewalk.
  6. Property owners shall be responsible for maintaining sidewalks after completion.
  7. City of Edmond shall be responsible for construction activities and all related finish work.
  8. Matching funds shall be deposited with the City Clerk prior to construction.

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