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Water Resources Tours - Liability Waiver

  1. Please complete the liability acknowledgment below in order to participate in a tour of the Edmond Water Resources facilities. 

    A unique form must be completed for each participant.

  2. Is this participant a minor?*
  3. I do hereby allow myself and/or minor child listed above to participate in The City of Edmond Water Resources “Facility Tour” and any and all associated activities. I understand that this tour may have certain risks and hazards inherent with various programs. These risks include, but are not limited to, tripping, falling, and foodborne illness. I agree to indemnify and save the City of Edmond, the Water Resources Department, their representative, successors, boards, and employees and boards from all damages, claims, and/or liabilities of any kind, injury, including death, which may be suffered by the aforementioned arising out of or in any way connected with participation in the program or arising from participation in these activities. I indicate by my signature for myself and/or minor child that I/we are physically capable of participating in the activities provided and knowing the risks, thereby agree to assume those risks and release and hold harmless the City of Edmond and all its departments, agencies, agents, servants, and employees.

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