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Monthly Flush Meter Reading Submission

  1. Monthly water consumption, including zero consumption, must be reported to Edmond Utility Customer Service. Verbal reports are not accepted.  Failure to report monthly meter readings by the 10th of the month will result in a $50 fee per meter that is not reported on time, regardless of usage.  

    1. All numbers must be read from left to right EXCLUDING the fixed zeros. Failure to submit  or continued non-compliance may result in forfeiture of the security deposit, seizure of the meter, or denial of future flush meter requests.

    2. INSPECTION REQUIREMENT: A minimum of once every 3 months the user is required to bring the flush meter into the Warehouse at 2012 Old Timbers Drive to obtain a visual meter reading and to examine the condition of the meter.

    3. Upon return of the flush meter, the security deposit will be credited against all amounts due to UCS including the final bill and amounts charged if damage is found to the meter. Any amount in excess of all amounts due to UCS will be refunded to the Customer.

  2. Please provide the most recent jobsite's address, or nearest street intersection. 

  3. Flush Meter Number and Reading

    One form must be submitted for each meter.

    RECORD ALL OF THE MOVING NUMBERS IN THE WHITE AREA & EXCLUDE THE STATIONARY NUMBERS. Include them in your monthly report without rounding up. These numbers represent consumption in increments of 1,000 gallons, which is how consumption is billed. Please attach an image of the flush meter number and reading below

  4. Flush Meter DialBegin by opening the meter cover. A straight reading meter resembles the odometer in a vehicle. UCS reads flush meter usage per one thousand (1,000) gallons. The meter is read by reading the numbers from left to right. The first numbers on the right are stationary zero(s). These stationary zero(s) represent the ‘ones’ and ‘tens’ place. The movable dials on the left represent the ‘tens’, ‘one hundreds’, and ‘thousands’ of gallons, and so on.

    Using the Image above the reading is 52.1

  5. Meter Serial NumberMeter number can be located on the cover of the flush meter or on the base of the meter. The flush meter number is usually 8 digits long.

    Using the image above the Serial Number is: 70408562 

  6. Include an image of the current reading along with the flush meter number. See example above of what to take a picture of.

  7. I AGREE*

    I (and/or/with representative of noted company) agree to pay established rates set forth by City of Edmond ordinances and agree(s) to the regulations governing said services as established by the Flush Meter policy and contract.

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