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Tree Resource Evaluation/Tree Preservation Plan Professional Application

  1. Application and work samples must be received by the Urban Forestry Department a minimum of 10 days prior to a scheduled Urban Forestry Commission meeting date.
  2. Urban Forestry will maintain an internal list of approved professionals, but a public version of this list will be placed on the city web site. Would you like to be included on the public list? *
  3. Please submit two work samples, such as written reports or designed plans, which demonstrate proficiency in tree resource evaluations and tree preservation, through an understanding of and experience with the following:
    • Tree biology and forest ecology
    • Identification of local tree species and forest types
    • Tree condition assessment
    • Best Management Practices related to tree protection
    • Sampling techniques
    • Written reports of findings

    These files may be uploaded below. Accepted file formats include PDF and JPEG. Files may also be submitted in the following ways:


    Mail: Urban Forestry, PO Box 2970, Edmond, OK 73083

    Drop Off: 28 E Main St, Room 203, Downtown Edmond
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