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Outside the Box – Sponsor Application

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  3. If this transformer box is in a residential location, please fill out the Outside the Box Authorization Form and upload the completed form here. 

    Please skip this section if the transformer box is not in a residential location.

  4. Include any business or district identifiers, cross streets, etc. (For example, "The transformer box is located in Downtown Edmond. It is across the street from City Council Chambers (20 S Littler), to the west of Littler, at the northeast corner of Littler Lawn.")
  5. Pre-approved library of artwork.

    If you would like to use a work of art that is NOT included in the pre-approved library, contact

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  10. By submitting this application, I indicate my intent to sponsor an aesthetic enhancement to a transformer box through the Outside the Box program. I understand that submission of application does not guarantee the proposed site will be approved, as all applications are evaluated to ensure public accessibility and suitability of infrastructure for visual enhancement.
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