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Animal Fostering Program Application

  1. Edmond Animal Services (hereafter referred to as EAS) greatly appreciates your interest in our animal fostering program. Animals Fostered for Edmond Animal Services are the legal property of the City of Edmond and will remain the property of the City of Edmond until they are adopted. Animals to be fostered will be selected by EAS. A records check and home inspection will be completed on all prospective fosters prior to being approved to foster an animal.

    The following are the minimum requirements that all prospective fosterers must agree to prior to being accepted into the program. Fosterers must be at least 18 years of age to foster. By requiring and enforcing these guidelines, we do not seek to discourage your interest. However, we must require that certain standards be met to guarantee that the animals are afforded proper care during their fostering experience and that the stresses associated with a temporary home are minimized.
  2. Please carefully read and check the box next to each item acknowledging that you understand and agree to each requirement*
  3. A copy of these requirements will be given to you upon approval in the fostering program.
  4. Acknowledgement and Release
    For and in consideration of the City of Edmond Animal Services Unit allowing me to participate in their Fostering Program by assisting in the care and handling of the animal(s) in my home. The undersigned individual does hereby release and forever discharge the City of Edmond, their officers, agents and employees of and from claims, demands, damages, actions or cause of action whether on account of damage to property, bodily injuries or death resulting or to result from participating with the Edmond Animal Services Fostering Program.

    Further, I have read, understand and agree to the fostering requirements set forth by Edmond Animal Services. I fully understand and agree that I am providing my services in a volunteer capacity without any expressed or implied promise of salary or employment benefits. I further understand that my fostering involvement may be terminated for reasons including, but not limited to, violating the requirements set forth for fostering.
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