Do I live in the City of Edmond?

We regularly receive questions from individuals who are unsure if they live in the City of Edmond. It can be somewhat confusing because their mailing address says “Edmond, OK” but they actually live outside of the city limits. Your mailing address is based on parameters set by the US Postal Service, and those often will label “Edmond, OK” areas as addresses both inside and outside the City of Edmond city limits. 

To confirm your service address:

  • Visit or search “Do I live in Edmond?” 
  • Enter your street address on the “Verify my address” page. (Do not use any punctuation).
  • It will tell you if you live within the City of Edmond City limits, and if you do, it will provide useful information about your services.
  • If you do not live in Edmond, you are not in our Ambulance Service Area.

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1. What ambulance service does Edmond have?
2. Do I live in the City of Edmond?
3. If I am enrolled or elect to enroll in EMSAcare in October 2023, will I automatically be enrolled for AMR service starting in December 2023, with coverage through October 31, 2024?
4. What is the cost of getting a subscription with AMR?
5. When can I enroll with AMR and receive ground ambulance service?
6. How do I get a membership for ground ambulance service with AMR?
7. What does it cost if I’m transported by an ambulance?
8. Can I be denied ambulance transport if I did not elect to purchase a subscription to AMR?
9. How can I reduce the cost of ground ambulance transport?
10. If I have a membership, who is covered?
11. Is Medicaid different than Medicare for ground ambulance coverage?
12. What constitutes an emergency transport?
13. What constitutes a non-emergency transport?
14. If I opt out but later change my mind, can I resume participation?
15. If I opt out next October, will I have to opt out every October?
16. I pay the AMR fee at my home, but my spouse lives in a nursing home. Do they need a separate membership?
17. I pay for utilities at my two rent homes, in addition to my residence. Do my renters receive benefits?
18. I live at an apartment complex. How do I opt out?
19. I own/operate a nursing home/assisted living facility. What does this mean for us?
20. If I work and live in two different ambulance service provider areas, for example Edmond and OKC, will my $3 water bill membership cover me in both areas?
21. What about people who don't have insurance?
22. I live outside of Edmond but receive an Edmond utility bill. What does this mean for me?
23. If my ambulance service provider is unable to respond to my emergency and calls for mutual aid from another ambulance service provider, could I get a bill from the provider that transported me?
24. If I am in the City of Edmond and have a EMSA membership, can I request EMSA to transport me instead of AMR?
25. When the City of Edmond transitions to AMR, will I get an EMSAcare subscription refund if I live in Edmond but am a “direct subscriber"?
26. If I don’t live within the City of Edmond or the City of Oklahoma City, can I purchase a membership with AMR or EMSA?
27. If I have a question about services I did not see listed here, who do I contact?
28. What does it cost if I call 9-1-1?
29. What does it cost for Fire and/or Police to respond to my emergency in Edmond?