How will smart meters benefit customers?

In conjunction with a new web portal coming in 2023, this enhanced technology will allow you to access the previous days’ hourly usage for your water and electric service. Additionally, historical hourly usage will be available to view and graph. Various tools will help you track, compare, and monitor your usage so you can better control your utilities. In time, we will be offering additional programs and services under the Smart Choice program.

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1. What is Smart Choice?
2. What is a smart meter?
3. How will smart meters benefit customers?
4. How will smart meters benefit the City of Edmond?
5. When will I get my smart meter?
6. Will my bill look different?
7. What are we doing to protect customer information?
8. Does the City of Edmond know what personal device is using water or power?
9. Can I opt out of having a Smart Choice meter installed at my location?
10. Can the City of Edmond limit the amount of electricity I use?
11. Will I be automatically placed on a time-of-use rate?
12. Can the City of Edmond remotely disconnect my utility services?
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