Can I opt out of having a Smart Choice meter installed at my location?

While we believe this will greatly benefit our customers, we understand some may want the option to opt out of getting the new smart meters. If that is a choice you want to make, you can let us know with an email to Please provide your name and address in your email. 

The opt-out option is for single-family residential customers only. If the customer is receiving both water and electric service, they will be required to opt-out of both of those services. A video explaining the opt-out option is available here:

Please note that if you choose to opt out after the meters are already installed at your location, an $85 enrollment fee will be charged. However, if you opt out before installation, there will be no $85 enrollment fee. A $15 monthly fee will apply to all opt-out customers, but will not start being applied to your bill until installations have occurred in your area. This fee covers the ongoing cost of personnel and equipment to manually read non-AMI meters and process that read for billing.

Finally, we do want to note that some opt-out customers have older electromechanical electric meters. These electric meters are reaching the end of their useful life. As part of our Smart Choice rollout, we will be replacing these with a non-communicating, electronic meter. These meters do not have a radio to transmit data back to our utility office like the Smart Choice meters.

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