How can I get involved with Urban Forestry?

Urban Forestry offers multiple programs which promote community engagement.  See below for some of the ways you can participate in enhancing Edmond’s urban forest:

  • Attend one of our volunteer events.  Urban Forestry hosts monthly activities that residents may participate in and directly impact the health of the urban forest through tree planting, mulching, invasive species removal, and more.
  • Sign up for Foster-A-Tree.  It’s a great way to enhance your landscape, while benefitting the whole community.  By partnering with Edmond residents, Urban Forestry has the ability to plant more trees throughout the City while ensuring that they receive the maintenance that is crucial to their survival in the first couple of years after planting.
  • Celebrate Arbor Week. Plant trees at home, participate in a volunteer event, or visit the annual Arbor Day Art Show!  There are many opportunities to participate in this yearly celebration set during the last full week in March.
  • Attend an Urban Forestry Commission meeting. The Commission meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 4:30 PM in the Downtown Community Center (28 E Main St) room 203.
  • Submit an entry for the Edmond Tree Awards.  With multiple categories, there are various ways to participate in this awards program from photo contests to landscape awards.
  • Engage with us on social media.  Urban Forestry frequently shares on Facebook and Instagram about programs and services and relevant tree information.  Follow us to stay up to date with urban forestry in Edmond.

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