How can I get free trees through the City?

The City of Edmond offers multiple opportunities for free trees throughout the year.  See below for more information:

  • Foster-A-Tree – residents within Edmond city limits who live on public streets may sign up to have a 15 gallon tree planted within the right-of-way of their yard. This program is ongoing from the fall to the spring each year.
  • Urban Forestry hosts a tree seedling distribution at the Edmond Public Works/Edmond Electric Open House each fall.  This event is held in early October at Cross Timbers Municipal Complex (I-35 and Covell)
  • Periodically, 3 gallon trees are made available to Edmond utility customers through distribution events.  The best way to find out about these events when they are scheduled is by following Urban Forestry on Facebook
  • Edmond Electric has offered 3 gallon trees to their customers through the Energy Saving Trees program.  This program has been administered in spring and fall.

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