Does the Senior Center have a pool/exercise equipment?

We have stationary bikes only and no pool. However, the YMCA located next door to our building is equipped with a pool. Please note that the Edmond Senior Center is not affiliated with the YMCA and participation in Senior Center activities does not grant membership or admission to the Mitch Park YMCA. Learn more about the YMCA by visiting their website.

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1. What is the age requirement to attend the Senior Center?
2. Where is the Senior Center located?
3. Is there a membership fee to attend the Senior Center?
4. When can we come tour the Senior Center?
5. Do you provide transportation to the Senior Center?
6. What services do you provide at the Senior Center?
7. Where can I pick up a copy of your monthly newsletter?
8. Do you serve lunch at the Senior Center?
9. Can I bring my child/grandchild to the Senior Center?
10. Can I bring my pet to the Senior Center?
11. Does the Senior Center have information on senior housing in Edmond?
12. Do you teach computer classes at the Senior Center?
13. Does the Senior Center have a pool/exercise equipment?
14. Do you have information about the trails at Mitch Park?
15. Do you rent rooms at the Senior Center?
16. Do you know the number for the mobile meals program?
17. Does the Senior Center meet ADA requirements for handicap accessibility?