Does Stormwater Quality come to schools?
Yes, we have two Water Quality Specialists who are available to present a stormwater quality lesson to groups of all ages. Our focus for the lesson is on the importance of safeguarding our ponds, streams, and lakes for generations to come. Our interactive water pollution model, Enviroscape, demonstrates how everyday actions like fertilizing, lack of automobile maintenance, soil erosion and illegal dumping can harm our waterways. Offering a hands-on approach, the model also shows the effects of pollution in waterways by allowing students to pollute with harmless, simulated chemicals and make it rain with spray bottles. The lesson's length is typically 30 – 45 minutes depending on the level of participation. We also have several educational giveaways for participants. To schedule a lesson, please contact Nancy Kennedy at (405) 359-4772.

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1. Does Stormwater Quality come to schools?
2. What is stormwater?
3. What's the big deal? It's just rain, right?
4. Is stormwater runoff treated at the wastewater treatment plant before being discharged to waterbodies?