I have insurance and/or Medicare. Why should I participate? Isn't it like I'm paying for the same thing twice?
If insurance / Medicare always paid 100% of ambulance claims, you'd be correct. But the reality is this: insurance and Medicare deny about 30% of all ambulance claims. If this happened to you and you weren't participating, then you would be personally responsible for paying EMSA's full-billed charge of $1,100 plus $9 per mile. Even when insurance / Medicare approve claims, many people still have a financial burden: a $50 to $250 deductible, a 20% copayment (like with Medicare), or the difference between the billed charge and how much insurance will cover. If you participate in the program, you have no out-of-pocket costs for EMSA emergency ambulance transports. Whatever insurance / Medicare pays is counted as payment in full.

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1. If I participate, who is covered?
2. I have insurance and/or Medicare. Why should I participate? Isn't it like I'm paying for the same thing twice?
3. What if my personal insurance and/or Medicare doesn't cover the full cost of the claim?
4. I have Medicaid. Why should I participate?
5. What constitutes an emergency transport?
6. What constitutes a non-emergency transport?
7. Do participating customers receive benefits for non-emergency transports, too?
8. Are there any excluded services?
9. If I opt out but later change my mind, can I resume participation?
10. If I opt out next October will I have to opt out every October?
11. I pay the EMSAcare fee at my home, but my husband lives in a nursing home. Does he need a separate membership?
12. I pay for utilities at my two rent homes, in addition to my residence. Are my renters covered if I only pay the EMSAcare fee on my home?
13. I live at an apartment complex. How do I opt out?
14. I have an active EMSAcare membership. What does this mean for me?
15. Will EMSA still have TotalCare?
16. I own/operate a nursing home/assisted living facility. What does this mean for us?
17. I work in Midwest City (or other community EMSA does not serve), but EMSA doesn't respond out there. What happens if I need an ambulance then?
18. What about people who don't have insurance?
19. What if I need an ambulance while on business in Tulsa?
20. I live outside of Edmond but receive an Edmond utility bill. What does this mean for me?
21. Why is Edmond making this change?