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Posted on: January 18, 2023

SPOTLIGHT: Citylink changes mean an expansion of the CAPS program

Edmond CAPS ProgramFor Jerre Blythe, the Citylink Access Paratransit Service (CAPS) program is a convenience worth working for. But, she is especially grateful now that she doesn’t have to.

“Well, it’s just absolutely wonderful,” Blythe said. “It’s been around for quite a while, but they’ve extended their territory. Before, I had to walk a mile and I couldn’t go on rainy days. I was very limited when I could use it. But now it’s just wonderful. I just call up and book it and go.”

CAPS is a free curb-to-curb service that enables residents with disabilities to be picked up by Citylink and comfortably driven to appointments in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. CAPS is intended to provide services in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Recent expansion and changes to Citylink routes offers an expanded menu of options to the riders on the City of Edmond’s public transit system. One of the most important benefits is the expansion of service now available to riders who utilize the CAPS program.

“It comes right to my house and takes me exactly where I need to go,” Blythe said “And then it picks me up. They’re always on time. The people that work there are wonderful. They’re friendly. It’s like a little family. They all get along really well. I was really impressed with the family aspect of the business.

“I use it for transportation, of course. Going to doctor’s appointments, going to nail appointments and grocery stores. I’ve even gone to Starbucks and had a coffee. It’s just been absolutely a godsend.”

The CAPS service, which operates Monday through Saturday, is available only within the Edmond city limits and within three-quarters of a mile from a Citylink fixed route. While the addition of two new routes – Route 5 and Route 6 – service growing demand for the Broadway corridor and the I-35 corridor, respectively, it also means an expansion of the routes available for CAPS service.

“CAPS is a vital service the City and Citylink provides to residents,” said Christy Batterson, the Housing and Community Development Manager for the City of Edmond, who also serves as the Public Transit Program manager for the City. “A growing number of the Edmond population need this focused service to ensure they can get to medical appointments, to the grocery store, or just get out and remain active in our community.

“Thanks to the route expansions, more and more residents are within the service area and can take advantage of a free and reliable form of transportation that meets their needs safely.”

To take advantage of the CAPS program, customers should call during business hours at least one day in advance to schedule a trip. To request more information or an application for CAPS, call Citylink at (405) 509-6370.

Learn more about the CAPS program and other Citylink advantages at


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