Development Review Committee

The City of Edmond is committed to improving the business climate in our community. Because our city is solely-reliant on sales tax revenue to maintain and improve city programs and services, we are committed to a more forwarding thinking approach to attracting and developing business in Edmond.

Established in 2011, the Development Review Committee's (DRC) concept is simple: It's all about the customer- the business owner. We understand the intricate details of business operations of any size, whether it's relocating your business to Edmond, establishing a new business in Edmond or retrofitting your current Edmond business, the DRC can be your resource for finding answers.

By partnering with community experts such as the Edmond Economic Development Authority (EEDA) and the Edmond Chamber of Commerce, the DRC will assist owners and representatives with business needs at every stage, from the first meeting to your ribbon-cutting ceremony. Our goal is to bring all players together in order to achieve a seamless, pleasant experience during a critical time for businesses.

The EEDA and Chamber have Business Navigators in place to assist companies with their business needs outside of the “building process”. These roles exist to provide information for business locations/relocations that involve finding real estate, possible incentives, researching workforce as well as business advocacy.

Along with our partners, City staff plays a vital role in preparing owners and representatives for expectations along the way providing education and insight on topics ranging from development standards to infrastructure challenges that business owners often face.

Whether a business contacts the City, the EEDA or the Chamber; they are all directed to a central process and advised according to a standard set for the DRC.

Although not a requirement to establish your operations in Edmond, businesses are encouraged to take advantage of the expertise and sound foresight offered through the DRC.

Ideally, an initial meeting prior to establishing a preliminary plat offers the most beneficial, open forum for future and current Edmond businesses who are looking for a comprehensive, business development process.

We look forward to assisting owners and representatives with a more effective approach when doing business in Edmond. We are pleased you are here!