Wastewater (Sewer) Rates

Wastewater Service Rates

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Calculation of Charges

The charge is calculated from the average metered water use billed in December, January and February. If no service history is available for this time period, charges are calculated based on the amount of water consumption used in each month but not to exceed 10,000 gallons. 

When water is not on a metered basis, an estimated water consumption is calculated on a comparison of the non-metered user with a metered user of similar class.

The new recalculated charges start on the May statement through April of the next year.

Wastewater Rates

Meter Size Rate
5/8 or 3/4 inch $22.67
1 inch $24.98
1.5 inches $49.96
2 inches $99.90
3 inches $224.78
4 inches $499.50
6 inches $999.00

Calculation Example*

Calculating Average Consumption Billed  
December 9,000
January 7,000
February 8,000
Total 24,000 divided by 3 months = 8,000 average x $5.44 per 1,000 = $43.52*
Calculating Charge  
Base Rate $22.67*
Average consumption $43.52
Per month for May - April billing $66.19

* The example above uses the Wastewater Charges per 1,000 and Base Charge beginning on November 1, 2023. Please view the Rate Sheet for current charges for the corresponding year.

Multi-Family Customer Rates

Units are based on the total number of dwelling units, whether jointly or commonly metered, occupied or unoccupied.

Commercial Customer Rates

For multiple commercial users, the minimum charge is based on the total number of units multiplied by the base charge, whether jointly or commonly metered, occupied or unoccupied.