Stormwater Drainage Rates

Residential Property Fees

Single-family residential property owners within the Edmond city limits pay a flat fee for drainage based on each developed lot, tract, or parcel that is on record with the County Clerk.
  • $3 flat fee per lot, tract, or parcel for single-family residential property owners
  • $1.50 fee each for duplex or multi-family apartment that have two or more dwelling units on the same lot, tract, or parcel

Other Real Estate Fees

The service charge is $3 for each Equivalent Surface Unit or portion of a service unit. There are no caps on the monthly service charge rate.

Equivalent Surface Units

The impervious (or non-absorbent) surface of all other lots, tracts, or parcels of developed real estate within the Edmond city limits is measured to determine the Equivalent Surface Units.

Calculating Equivalent Surface Units

To determine the Equivalent Surface Unit, the total square feet of impervious surface area is divided by 4,860 square feet, which is the average imperious area for single-family residential property.