Damaged / Missing Carts

Damaged or Missing Carts, Containers & Bins

Damage from Normal Wear & Tear

Occasionally a cart, container, or recycling bin may be damaged through normal use, wear, and tear. Examples include broken lid hinges and missing wheels. When this happens, contact us at (405) 359-4541. The carts, containers and bins are repaired at no cost to you.

Damage from Neglect or Improper Care

You will be asked to pay for the replacement of carts, containers, or bins if they have been neglected or proper care has not been taken of them. Examples include carts melted with hot fireplace ashes or run over by a car.

Moving / Relocation

Carts and containers are assigned to specific addresses by inventory control numbers. If you move, leave your cart and container for the next resident to use.

Lost / Found Carts or Bins

Contact Solid Waste Services if your cart, container, or bin is missing or if you find a cart, container, or bin that does not belong to you. Normally, missing carts are found and returned to their assigned addresses.

Stolen Carts or Bins

If you think your cart or bin has been stolen, contact Edmond Police at (405) 359-4420. Edmond Solid Waste does assist customers in relocating lost carts on the next collection day when carts are customarily placed back at the curb. Carts that are not found will be replaced by Edmond Solid Waste after they have been reported to Edmond Police or customers may purchase the cart replacement at $55 each.

Repair / Replacement Time

It may take us four to five working days to deliver or repair a cart. During the interim, you can use city-coded bags. Please hold your recycling materials until you receive your bin. For more information, see the City-Coded Bags page.