City-Coded Bags

If you occasionally have an overflow that your trash carts will not hold, you may place the excess in city-coded bags that may be purchased at Edmond retail stores. You will need to schedule a bulk pickup by calling (405) 359-4541. Please keep in mind that the collection of excess city-coded bags will occur during the bulk collection schedule for your location, not at the same time as your normal collection. There is no fee for bulk collection of city-coded bags.

Purchasing City-Coded Bags

Packages of 10 bags are available for $1.50 per bag ($15.07 including tax). This cost includes the cost of the bags and the collection and disposal of the contents. Bags can be purchased from the following local grocery, drug, and home improvement stores:
  • Crest - 15th Street and Santa Fe Street
  • Homeland - Danforth Road and Bryant Avenue
  • Westlake Hardware - 15th Street and Broadway Street
  • Westlake Hardware - Danforth Road and Kelly Avenue

Request an Additional Cart

If you find that you are using the city-coded bags frequently, you might consider requesting a second collection cart. An additional cart is $7.00 per month. The carts hold the equivalent of three or four city-coded bags.