Bulk Collection

Monthly Bulk / Large Item Collection

Up to 12 collections for bulky or large items are available each year for a nominal fee. So, there is no need to store large items or wait for spring or fall cleanups. The pick-up date is determined by your address and coordinated with the Solid Waste Collection schedule. View the Monthly Bulk Pickup Schedule Map.


Charges are $10 per cubic yard for the first 2 cubic yards and $5 for each additional cubic yard. Call Solid Waste Services at (405) 359-4541 if you need to discard large or bulky items that won't fit in your cart.

How it Works

Call Solid Waste Services at (405) 359-4541 before you put your large item at the curb / roadside and you will be given the exact collection date. If desired, you may request an estimate of the fees that will apply. This cost estimate can be given the day before the pickup is scheduled. The fee will be included on your next utility bill.

Leave at least four feet between large, bulk materials and mailboxes, poles, fences, etc. Bulk collection equipment uses a clam-shell loader device, which needs clearance space to work.

City-Coded Bags

If you occasionally have an overflow that your trash carts will not hold, you may place the excess in city-coded bags that may be purchased at Edmond retail stores. You will need to schedule a bulk pickup by calling 405-359-4541. Please keep in mind that the collection of excess city-coded bags will occur during the bulk collection schedule for your location, not at the same time as your normal collection. There is no fee for bulk collection of city-coded bags. For more information, visit the City-Coded Bags page.


Discarded appliances collected are recycled as scrap metal:
  • Compressors must be removed from refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners to show that freon or coolants have been removed before collectors are allowed to pick them up or landfill operators will accept them. Units must be tagged / certified by a licensed technician to show that freon or coolants have been removed properly.
  • Special Precaution: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all refrigerates (coolants, Freon, etc.) to be evacuated and captured before refrigerators, freezers, or air conditioners can be disposed of. This requirement protects the environment from coolant agent release to atmosphere which damages the ozone layer.
  • A completed Verification of Proper Removal of CFC-Refrigerant Form must be completed and sent to the Utility Customer Service Office before the appliance is scheduled for bulk pickup. Solid Waste Services is unable to pick up the item unless they have a completed form. A form will still need to be completed if you wish to take the item directly to the transfer station.

Tips for Bulk Collection

In order for your bulk waste to be collected, please follow these tips:
  • No animal waste.
  • No rocks, concrete, tile or dirt.
  • Tree limbs must be cut no longer than 4 feet.
  • Tree limbs must be no more than 14 inches in diameter

Christmas Tree Recycling

Each year we collect Christmas trees at your curb or provide a place for you to drop them off at Hafer and Mitch Park during the month of January. Trees are chipped for cedar mulch and delivered to a designated city park for citizen's to pick up about mid February. For more information, see the Christmas Tree Recycling page.