Field Services

The Field Services Department, a division of Public Works, is responsible for the health and well-being of City of Edmond customers by delivering quality drinking water and removing wastewater in a safe, efficient manner. They maintain and repair the City’s roadways and public drainage systems as well as streetlights, traffic signs and traffic signals. With the exception of Traffic, the divisions have been cross-trained in the various maintenance functions of water lines, wastewater line, and streets. This has allowed the Field Services to staff for normal demand, but be able to respond, in force, to peak demand. Field Services is comprised of four divisions: 

  • Street Maintenance
  • Traffic
  • Wastewater Line Maintenance
  • Water Line Maintenance
The department as a whole employs 68 individuals, with the Field Services Superintendent’s responsibilities being divided between the divisions. Field Services prides itself on its excellent customer service. It is never a pleasant experience for the customer to have a water leak in the front yard or have a blockage in the wastewater line, but through excellent customer service and positive attitude, we strive to make these experiences as painless as possible.