Criminal Investigations

What We Do

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is responsible for initiating investigations into criminal activity and for providing investigative support. The Division is commanded by a Captain who oversees and coordinates the efforts of 15 Detectives, two Sergeants, a Lieutenant, and two Technical Investigators.

The members of CID are responsible for investigating crimes such as homicides, sudden deaths, robberies, sexual assaults, serious assaults, child abuse, larceny, burglary, stolen vehicles, vice and drug offences, frauds, crime scene examination, explosive disposal, and other incidents requiring specialized expertise or extensive follow-up investigation.

Our Approach

CID members take a strategic approach toward crime by identifying and addressing factors contributing to criminal behavior, and ensuring continual communication between CID, other areas of the service, and the police community. The division is the primary link between the department and the Oklahoma County District Attorney's office, preparing and presenting major cases for prosecution.