Notice Requirements


The requirements for rezoning, plan amendments, specific use permits and Board of Adjustments require all of the following notice methods. Site plans and preliminary plats only require mailed notice. For more detailed information, please see section 22.3.1 (F) in Title 22.

Mailed Notice

Upon confirmation of the posting of public notice signs the Planning Department will mail notice to all owners of property within a 300 foot radius of the exterior boundary of the subject property at least 20 days before the first scheduled public hearing.
  • Applicants are required to provide a certified list of property owners within a 300-foot radius of the exterior boundary subject property, to include at least 10 names. In the event that less than 10 property owners are within the prescribed 300 foot radius, the radius shall be extended in 100-foot increments until the required number of property owners is included on the ownership list. However, when it is necessary to extend the 300-foot radius, all owners within the extension shall be included in the official ownership list, even when that amount exceeds 10 owners.
  • The list shall be certified by an abstractor, attorney, Oklahoma County Assessor, or title company. The date of the certified list shall be no more than 90 days prior to the first scheduled public hearing.
  • The fee for mailed notice is $50 for rezoning, site plans, and specific use permits. Preliminary Plats will be billed at the actual cost. All fees must be paid before the public hearing.

Published Notice

The City Clerk will publish notice of a public hearing in an official publication of the city. The notice is published no less than 20 days in advance of the public hearing. The fee for this is $100.

Posted Notice

For review procedures requiring posted notice, the applicant shall post a sign on the subject property no less than 20 days in advance of the first scheduled public hearing. The sign shall be a minimum of six feet in height and with city approval, may be posted on public right-of-way when that is the only practical location for the sign. The sign shall be a minimum of 32 square feet and shall have a white background with black letters at least four inches in height providing the following information:
  • Date, time and place of the public hearing
  • The current zoning of the property
  • The desired zoning classification (if a Zoning Map amendment)
  • The proposed use of the property (if a Zoning Map amendment)
  • Who will conduct the public hearing
Corner lots or properties that include over 300 feet of frontage on a single public right-of-way shall require two signs meeting the specifications above. The sign shall be updated by the applicant if there is a continuance or delay in the public hearing dates. The sign(s) shall be removed no less than 30 days following the final public hearing, where a final determination has been made.