Application Contents

Site Plan Required Items

In addition to the application form and required filing fees and notice fees, a site plan application will need to include at least the following items. The materials described in paragraphs one - five below shall be signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Oklahoma:
  1. Cover sheet, providing the name of the proposed development accompanying plat, if available, the names of the current City of Edmond Mayor, City Council and City Manager, a sheet index, a vicinity map showing the location of the project, and the engineer of record and associated information;
  2. Survey, providing a legal description of the property, the boundaries of the property, existing vegetation, all utilities and easements of record including the book and page numbers of the filed easements, topographic contours with intervals of not over two feet, any regulatory flood plain boundaries that affect the subject property, all adjacent streets and right-of-way, and existing driveways on the site and on properties adjacent to or across the street from the subject property;
  3. Site plan, providing the location and dimensions of all structures and improvements, driveways/drive approaches, public right-of-way, parking and loading areas, drive aisles, sidewalks, outdoor storage areas and height and type of any fencing or screening;
  4. Grading plan, providing all existing and proposed contours with intervals of not over two feet, the location of all structures, retaining walls, ponds, storm sewer improvements, and regulatory flood plain boundaries;
  5. Drainage calculations report, related grading plan and erosion control plan, operation and maintenance manual signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Oklahoma, in compliance with Title 23 of the City Code;
  6. A retaining wall plan, if applicable, that includes materials used in the design and that meets the International Building Code;
  7. Utility plan, providing the location of all proposed and existing public and private utilities and easements, proposed electrical loads, service type, ampacity and locations of the disconnect, service line and transformer;
  8. Lighting plan, including number, location and height of poles, the type of lighting fixtures and type of illumination, pattern of illumination from each light, on-site building lighting, decorative lights, accent lights and sign lights;
  9. Location, height, type, color material and size of all signs, including any site decorations or structures, such as flagpoles, benches, public art, banners, canopies, tents or other open display structures;
  10. Elevation drawings depicting the number of stories and materials used on all exterior walls, roofs, entries and windows showing general architectural appearance and motif of the structures, including exterior finishes, treatments, materials and colors;
  11. Landscaping plan, including a program for continued landscape maintenance, a detailed landscaping plan for the required site and a completed site plan landscape form;
  12. Tree preservation plan for all trees proposed to be saved, as set forth in subsection 22.6.1 (D) of Title 22, which includes a letter of approval from an ISA certified arborist or degreed forester (other qualifications may be substituted if approved by the Urban Forester);
  13. Detailed plant listing that identifies types of plant material proposed; and
  14. Summary of landscape area calculations and proposed plant unit values.

Site Plan Process and Requirements

Before submitting an application, please read Chapters three - six in Title 22 for more clarification on the site plan process and requirements. It is strongly recommended that you schedule a pre-application meeting with city staff before submission.


The fee for a site plan is $890.