Review Criteria

Specific Use Application Criteria

In determining whether to approve, approve with conditions or deny a specific use permit application, the City Council considers the following factors:
  • All aspects of the proposed specific use site plan are harmonious with the character of the surrounding area
  • The location and area of main and accessory buildings on the site properly relate to each other and to adjacent uses
  • The proposed specific use is not detrimental to the public health, safety, and welfare of the surrounding neighborhood
  • The proposed use does not negatively impact existing uses in the area and in the city through impacts on existing public infrastructure such as roads, parking, loading and access facilities, and water and sewer systems, and on public services such as police and fire protection and solid waste collection
  • The provision and manner of maintenance of fences, walls, and landscaping is adequate
  • The Sensitive Borders Standards are met when the use is proposed within 300 feet of any residential property