Rezoning Process

Zoning Map Amendment (Rezoning) Review Process

The zoning map amendment process is more clearly defined in Chapter 3 of Title 22. Please refer to Section 22.3.2 for more detail.

Staff Review and Report

After an application is received, the Planning Department reviews the proposed Zoning Map amendment, determines compliance with the Edmond Plan, and evaluates the zoning change based on the review criteria outlined by Title 22. Required notice is given and a report is written for the Planning Commission.

Central Edmond Urban Development Board (CEUDB) Recommendation

The CEUDB provides a recommendation as a part of the staff report to the Planning Commission for all proposed Zoning Map amendments that are located in the CEUDB jurisdiction.

Planning Commission Makes a Recommendation

The Planning Commission will study the proposed Zoning Map amendment, taking into account all factors which it may deem relevant including, but not limited to, the consistency of the proposed amendment with the Edmond Plan and whether the proposed amendment serves to carry out the purposes of this Title.

City Council

The City Council then considers the proposed Zoning Map amendment and the report of the Planning Commission, and CEUDB if applicable, in making a decision. It will then act to approve, approve with conditions, or deny the Zoning Map amendment request.