Operating a utility in a manner that aligns with community values is an important element of Edmond Electric's mission and vision. Edmond Electric is always open to considering various sponsorships within the community. However, before committing to any involvement, Edmond Electric needs to be comfortable that the sponsorship supports its business philosophy and provides suitable advertising opportunities between Edmond Electric and an organization.

Due to Oklahoma State Law, Edmond Electric does not make contributions or donations.

Sponsorship Categories

Edmond Electric carefully considers sponsorship proposals to ensure they meet its business, community and marketing goals. Each proposal is evaluated against detailed criteria such as the synergy between Edmond Electric and the event/project, the target
audiences reached, the benefits of the sponsorship to Edmond Electric and the community or business sector and the number of other sponsors etc. Proposals are also considered in view of Edmond Electric's current and ongoing commitments. Applications submitted by for-profit-businesses will not be considered.

The following list of preferred categories has been developed to assist Edmond Electric's sponsorship committee in assessing sponsorship proposals that tie support for community projects/events.
  • arts
  • non-profit (events/forums etc)
  • community benefit
  • education
  • environment
  • social/health
  • sports (generally teams rather than individuals)
  • technology

Regardless of the category, the sponsorships should have broad audience exposure and appeal to Edmond Electric's target audiences (Edmond Electric customers). They must also provide value for money for Edmond Electric's investment.

Please note, it is at Edmond Electric's discretion as to how/why it makes decisions whether to enter into a sponsorship agreement with particular parties. Compliance with this document does not automatically guarantee Edmond Electric's approval.


If Edmond Electric agrees to a sponsorship it becomes a committed partner. However, sufficient time is needed to both consider the proposal in full and for Edmond Electric benefit from a range of activities, including those conducted in the lead up to the event.

Edmond Electric ideally requires a minimum time of 8-12 weeks prior to the event/project commencing (and more for a major event) to consider the proposal.

We will not be able to properly consider sponsorship proposals that provide less time than this.

Sponsorship Application