City Center Complex Jobsite Livestream

A new City Hall, Municipal Court, and Parking Garage are currently under construction in downtown Edmond along Littler Avenue between 1st and Main Street. The City Hall building, which will be 2 stories in height, will be constructed on the site of the former downtown community center. It will contain new City Council Chambers as well as several city departments that are currently located in four different buildings downtown. The parking garage will be located on the site of the now-demolished, Planning and Public Works Building (10 S. Littler), and contained in this same footprint will be a building for a new municipal court. The parking garage will be large enough to serve not only the needs of City Hall but also provide public parking for a growing downtown. 

A livestreaming jobsite camera has been set up to provide a continuous feed of the construction progress:

View the Jobsite Cameras

  • Camera 1: Fixed feed with a camera facing west
  • Camera 2: Fixed feed focused on the parking garage area, facing southeast
  • Time-lapses: 
    • One 5-minute Time-lapse of the City Hall Building area
    • Three 15-minute time-lapses, with images taken from each of the three camera angles
    • One 1 hour panoramic time-lapse with a wide-angle view of the entire job site

You can toggle between the livestream cameras and the time-lapses from the menu at the top of the page.