2024 City of Edmond Calendar

The images below are displayed in the 2024 City of Edmond Calendar. The calendar features unique flat lay photography that highlights City of Edmond departments and services. Calendars are offered free to residents while supplies last.

Click on the image to learn more about each item displayed in the flat lay.

January - Edmond Police Department

Police Flatlay (Numbered)

February - Edmond Senior Center

Sr Cntr WIP Flatlay (Numbered)

March - Edmond Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry (Numbered)

April - Edmond 911

911 Flatlay (Numbered)

May - Edmond Fire Department

FD Flatlay (Numbered)

June - Edmond Parks and Recreation

06_Parks and Rec (WEB FINAL)

July - Edmond Water Resources

07_Water Flatlay (WEB FINAL)

August - KickingBird Golf

08_KB Flatlay (WEB FINAL)

September - Arcadia Lake

09_Arcadia Lake Flatlay (WEB FINAL)

November - Edmond Solid Waste Services

Solid Waste Flatlay (Numbered)

October - Edmond Electric

EE Flatlay (Numbered)

December - Edmond Animal Services

12_Animal Flatlay (WEB FINAL)