ULI Advisory Panel Report

The report on the Urban Land Institute (ULI) study of Edmond is the culmination of a week of touring, interviews, and study by a ULI panel focused on land use issues and development improvements around downtown. During the visit, the panel focused on input from community stakeholders about infill and redevelopment, local economic health, mobility, housing, and real estate.

The report includes immediate, medium-term, and long-term actions to increase the probability of a successful outcome. It also recommends ways to streamline processes to make private development more quickly accomplished, thus more efficiently satisfying the needs of the city, its stakeholders, and the development community.

The City of Edmond partnered with the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce, Edmond Economic Development Authority, UCO, Switchgrass Capital, and the Rader Building Company to bring the panel to Edmond in 2023.

Learn more about ULI at uli.org.

See the Full Report & Presentation: