Development Fees

Application Fee
Zoning Map Amendment $600.00
Comprehensive Plan Amendment $325.00
Site Plan $1,200.00
Specific Use Permit $150.00
Planned Unit Development $1,200.00
PUD Amendments/Modifications $150.00
Variance, Board of Adjustment, Board of Appeals $250.00*
Planned Unit Development $1,250.00** 
Public Notice
     1. Mail Notice
     2. Printed Notice
     3. Posted Notice

Applicants Responsibility
Extension of site plan (no changes)  $100.00 plus $50.00 for notices
Amendment to site plan, which may include an extension $350.00 plus $50.00 for notices
Amendment to site plan, which has previously been approved $250.00 plus $50.00 for notices
Preliminary Plat $500.00 includes mailed notice fee of $50.00
Final Plat - Residential $1,500.00***
Final Plat - Commercial $500.00
Deed Certification / Lot Split $100.00
GIS $90.00 per lot
Change in recorded plat $50.00 notice fee
Street Lights Based on cost of fixture, materials, and labor as determined by Edmond Electric

This list is not to be considered as an all-inclusive or the exclusive list of fees for development.

* Prior to any work being started on the variance requested

** if violation of the code has occurred or work has commenced regarding the variance requested prior to application. The cost of the public notices is in addition to these fees. These fees include $100.00 for the newspaper notice and $50.00 for the property owner notices. In the event the variance application is submitted due to a setback encroachment into a building line that is documented with a survey and the encroachment had been in existence prior to a previously issued occupancy permit and filing of the original deed, the $1,250.00 will be reduced to $500.00 plus the cost of the required notices.

*** Includes two (2) reviews for paving and drainage, and three (3) reviews total for water and sanitary sewer to ensure that review comments have been adequately addressed. If additional reviews are required, a fee of $500.00 per submittal shall be assessed.

When using a credit or debit card after July 1, 2023, an additional non-refundable card processing fee of 3.5% will be charged directly by the external payment handling company, Paymentus.  When using the eCheck option, a non-refundable flat eCheck processing fee of $0.20 will be charged directly by Paymentus.