About the Project

The City of Edmond recently kicked off its Housing Assessment, which is an 8-month-long effort to study Edmond’s housing opportunities and create policies and strategies that will help advance the community’s housing goals. 

Why study Edmond’s housing? 

There have been a lot of conversations in Edmond about housing over the past several years. Frontline workers, teachers, nurses and health care aids, and many others working in vital occupations have trouble finding suitable housing in Edmond. There is debate over where rental housing is appropriate and how much of it the community needs. And, the market is strong—there are few for-sale or rental housing options available at any given time. This Housing Assessment will help the city and its housing partners better understand what types of housing are in demand in Edmond and will support the community’s growth and vitality.

This Housing Assessment effort will explore Edmond’s housing landscape and give the City strategies, policies, and tools they and their partners can use to help ensure that housing options are available in the community for households of all types, all ages, and all income levels.

The assessment process will explore a variety of questions:

  • What types of housing are in demand in Edmond? What will be in demand in the future?
  • Are there types of housing or price points that are missing?
  • Are there policies or strategies that will make it easier to deliver the types of housing that are in demand in Edmond?


What will we have at the end of the City of Edmond Housing Assessment process?

The assessment process will:

  • Provide a data-driven assessment of the housing market, housing stock, and housing needs of the Edmond community.
  • Quantify housing demand across various price points and types.
  • Engage the community in dialogue about their housing experiences, policy options, preferences, and priorities for the future.
  • Create a strategy, with specific policies that address Edmond’s unique housing market.


What will the City of Edmond do with this study?

The City of Edmond will use the assessment’s strategies, policies, and tools to help them make informed decisions about planning for and investing in suitable housing for all Edmond residents. The City will also share the study results with partners so that they can use these tools, too.