Landlord / Property Managers

The Revert-to-Owner Contract allows property owners and managers to maintain continuous utility service while a rental unit is vacant.

How to Apply:

Important Points to Remember About Revert-to-Owner Contracts: 

  • A deposit of $60 per unit will be required for any properties included in the Revert-to-Owner Contract. 
  • The Service Initiation Fee will only be charged to an account if utility service has not been previously established at a particular premise in the name of the applicant. 
  • If any properties covered in the Revert-to-Owner Contract become subject to collection procedures or final bills remain unpaid within thirty days of the due date; the City of Edmond will apply a sufficient amount of my deposit as a credit on any unpaid balances and the Contract will be canceled. 
  • The property owner must provide and maintain an accurate list of addresses to be covered by this contract. 
  • The property must remain vacant while under this contract. 
  • Before occupying the premises, any new tenant will be required to complete a Contract for Utility Services and pay any necessary deposit and/or fees to the City in accordance with the City’s Terms and Conditions of Service. 
  • The property owner will notify the City in writing when addresses need to be added to or removed from the Revert-to-Owner Contract. 
  • Changes to this Contract or listing of premises must be submitted in writing. Change requests can be submitted to or; 

City of Edmond
Attn: New Accounts
PO Box 2970
Edmond, OK 73083

Please notify us when you no longer own or manage a property listed in your Contract. Requesting a shut-off of service will not remove that property from your Contract, and you could be charged for future utility service. 

For more information about the Revert-to-Owner Contract, please call (405) 359-4541 or email