Tree Species Highlight

Bosnian pine - Pinus Heldreichii

Coming out of a winter like we just experienced, we frequently crave something in the landscape that can block the frigid winds while also adding a bit of aesthetic interest back into our view. Bosnian pine is one such tree that can tolerate the cold and wind while providing other benefits to your property.

Bosnian pine, or Pinus heldreichii, is a slow growing tree with a dense, conical shape when young. As this tree matures it blossoms into a medium sized tree growing to approximately 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide. Although this tree is native to the Mediterranean areas, it can be found doing quite well here in Edmond. When planted in full sun, the glossy dark green needles that come in 2–4-inch pairs can really shine. Bosnian pine also tends to have sharp needles which helps this tree ward off deer. As the tree matures the bark becomes more visible, showing off a smooth grey trunk with dark flecks mixed in. The cone of the Bosnian pine begins as a smaller blueish-purple color that matures into a 2–3-inch brown color. Although Bosnian pines are tolerant of severe cold and wind during summer months, they do enjoy some help with watering during some of our drier times.

bosnian pine 1
bosnian pine 3

Bosnian pine has benefits for all seasons, whether as a wind block or showing off its evergreen foliage or beautiful bark. As a low maintenance tree, it should be on your list of trees to check out.  If you are interested in checking out a Bosnian pine to see how it might fit into your landscape, there are some specimens planted along the trail on North Boulevard between Danforth and Covell.

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