2020 Landscape Improvement Award Recipient

Congratulations to The Porches of Arbor Creek HOA, the 2020 recipient of the City of Edmond’s Landscape Improvement Award. Through donations of residents, their winning project included new plantings at the neighborhood entrance, as well as in front of the clubhouse and within several common areas.

Regal Prince oaks were planted around the front gate area, with boxwood, crimson barberry and golden barberry added for texture. Perennials such as Stella d’Oro, purple salvia, black-eyed susan and coreopsis were added to the beds, in addition to seasonal color from red petunias. Neighbors worked together to transport local stone that a nearby development was disposing of, which was used at the entrance and in landscapes that were enhanced throughout the interior of the neighborhood as well. “A new bed was created in front of our clubhouse, outlined in the same native stone, and adorned with tri-color Zinnias to welcome neighbors home. Several common areas have had trees added to them, all at the residents’ expense. The trees include deodar cedars, loblolly pine, crape myrtle, Slender Silhouette sweet gum, shantung maple and Prairie Fire crabapple,” said Jackie Damiani, HOA representative.  

The neighborhood’s landscape projects have also been a way for neighbors to connect during the isolation of the pandemic. “Chris Hale and Kelly Harrison spear-headed the project that brought neighbors together for ‘weeding parties,’ ‘mulching parties’ and ‘laying down weed barrier’ parties—all socially distanced, of course”, said Jackie. She reported that these activities helped to build camaraderie for neighbors within The Porches of Arbor Creek.

The Porches of Arbor Creek HOA received three Prairifire crabapple trees from Urban Forestry for further enhancing their landscape as part of this award. In addition, Urban Forestry’s Landscape Improvement Award signage is on display within the neighborhood in recognition of this achievement. Congratulations again to The Porches of Arbor Creek! View photos of their project in the slideshow below.

Nominations for the 2021 Landscape Improvement Award are open until September 1st. Find out more and nominate your neighborhood's project at Landscape Improvement Award.

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