Outside the Box

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Thinking Outside the Box to Spread Public Art

How Does the Program Work?

  1. Submit a request to have a transformer box wrapped. Select a pre-approved design, then submit a completed application. If you would prefer a different design, the artwork will need to be approved by the Edmond Visual Arts Commission.
  2. City of Edmond(COE) staff will review the application, considering the location of the transformer box, its maintenance records, public accessibility, and any identified replacement plans prior to providing approval for wrapping the selected transformer box.
  3. Upon approval, the applicant will receive an invoice for installation.
  4. The City of Edmond will coordinate installation with a vendor once payment has been received.

How do I apply?

Complete an application. The application will require the following:
  • Basic contact information
  • Photos of the proposed transformer box
  • The approximate location of the box
  • Selection of  a pre-approved design
  • If you are a residential applicant, please fill out an Authorization Form and attach it to the application where instructed.
Please note: Participation does not guarantee the transformer box will not be replaced within the term due to unanticipated equipment damage or failure. City of Edmond-owned transformer boxes may be removed, replaced, or relocated, as necessary, without notification to the applicant.
  1. What is a transformer box?
  2. How much does it cost to sponsor an “Outside the Box” installation?
  3. What if I don’t want to use a pre-approved design?
Transformer boxes are the green utility boxes you see along sidewalks, in courtyards, and often on business properties. They take higher voltage electricity from Edmond Electric’s distribution system and transform it to lower voltages appropriate for residential and commercial use. 
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Why Wrap a Transformer Box?

Wrapping transformer boxes can help deter graffiti and enhance the aesthetic environment of surrounding areas. Public art has the capacity to transform a space, and infrastructure art is a good way to affordably mobilize the installation of public art, as these “canvases” can be found all throughout the community. Because of the emphasis on aesthetic improvements to public areas, we will evaluate the public access to a location before approving a transformer box to be wrapped.