Delinquent Accounts

  • If you encounter difficulty in paying your bill on time, contact Utility Customer Services before your account becomes delinquent. Should utility service be disconnected due to delinquent payments, a disconnection and reconnection fee will be required before services can be turned back on.
  • An additional deposit may also be required.
  • Additional fees will also be required if reconnection is made after office hours.
  • All fees and the entire balance must be paid in full prior to the reconnection of service.
  • Medical Seal Customers. If disconnection of service would create a life-threatening situation, provide a certificate signed by a doctor or other health authority so extended arrangements can be made

Payment Arrangement

Utility statements are due upon receipt. If you are unable to pay a bill in full, the City of Edmond will not discontinue service if:

  1. A payment arrangement is made with the Utility Customer Services office prior to the cut-off date. Requests for payment extensions made by mail or received in the night depository will not be considered valid and will not be accepted as a Payment Arrangement.

Payment arrangements cannot be made after a collection effort has been attempted. When a customer requests a payment arrangement, the City will consider the customer's ability to pay, the amount of the unpaid account, the customer's payment history, and the length of time requested, and the reason the account has not been paid. Failure to keep a payment arrangement may result in denial of future requests by customers for payment arrangements.

To Avoid Disconnection of Service During Extended Absence

It is the customer's responsibility to keep the account current. If you will be absent during billing periods or when your bill is due and wish to avoid discontinuation of service, please contact the Utility Customer Services Office during office hours to arrange for prepayment of the account or a payment arrangement.

Utility Assistance