East Edmond 2050 Plan


A new planning process called “East Edmond 2050” is underway and city officials and staff are asking the public to share their thoughts. The plan, which will assess potential development patterns in the eastern part of the City (including the I-35 Corridor), is an important action item in the city’s comprehensive land use plan, Edmond Plan 2018. 

The primary goal of the study is to identify the associated costs, benefits, and impacts of future development and provide community leaders with data to make informed decisions as growth in Edmond continues. It is anticipated the study will continue until Fall 2021.

You can follow the progress of this project by visiting the East Edmond 2050 Plan Website or join the project's Email List to learn about other opportunities to participate.

Updates will be sent approximately once a month during the project duration (Summer 2020 thru Fall 2021).