Ward Boundaries

State law requires that ward boundaries be reviewed after each federal census. The law says that the governing body shall change the boundaries so that the wards are compact, contain contiguous territory and are substantially equal in population. It also directs that precincts established by the county election board should not be subdivided. Once the City of Edmond receives the annual census figures, the county election boards redraw the precincts (if necessary). Precincts may change based on State House and Senate redistricting changes. This did occur in the Edmond area.

Once the City of Edmond obtained the precinct information from the county election board, the information was entered into our GIS mapping software. Staff was able to manipulate the proposed ward boundaries to look at several options for redrawing the boundaries. View revised ward map.

The official population of the City of Edmond from the census was 81,405. This resulted in a goal of redrawing the boundaries so that each ward would contain as close to 20,351 as possible. Another requirement was the need to make sure each current councilmember remained in the ward he/she represents.

The proposed boundaries the City of Edmond recommended for adoption met the standards of the state law. The proposed changes were reviewed individually with each councilmember except Darrell Davis, who had not yet been appointed.

Socio-economic conditions of areas within the boundaries, numbers of apartments or single family homes are not considered when redrawing the boundaries.

How does this affect Edmond residents?

The Oklahoma County Election Board sent out new voter identification cards. Many residents will notice their precinct changed. This is because when the State Legislature redrew the Senate and House district lines, the election board had to reconfigure some of the precincts to fit within the new legislative districts. As a result, some of the precincts within the City of Edmond were also changed. Ward boundaries do no split precinct lines, so some residents will be in a different ward than they were previously.

If you have questions about where to vote or if your precinct changed, you can call the Oklahoma County Election Board at 713-1515.