Court Rules of Conduct

Standards of Appearance:

It is the duty of the Court to promote respect for the judicial system and to require that court proceedings be conducted in a serious, respectful and dignified manner.

Appearance should reflect neatness, cleanliness and self-respect.  A person who is not attired appropriately or exhibits grooming which is detrimental and/or distracting to the Court environment shall be required to make arrangements for more suitable or appropriate appearance.  The Judge may reset a case to another court date to require compliance with the dress code or request the Bailiff to give the person a shirt to be worn over the inappropriate attire prior to approaching the bench.

Inappropriate Attire:

  • No Shorts.
  • No Mini-skirts or short dresses
  • No Flip Flops or slides
  • No revealing clothing, specifically too tight or too short.
  • No midriff/crop tops, spaghetti strap shirts, muscle shirts, fishnet shirts or tank/tube tops.
  • No off-the-shoulder/sleeveless tops or dresses
  • No ripped or holed jeans.
  • No dirty, torn or ragged clothing.
  • No pajama pants, house shoes or slippers.
  • No clothing with pictures of substances that are illegal by law or illegal for minors.
  • No clothing that is offensive, violent, racist, sexist or suggestive in nature, or indicates gang activity or involvement.
  • No bagging/sagging of jeans/pants.
  • No caps, hats, beanies, stocking caps or bandanas (Exception: religious head coverings).

Suggested Attire:

  • Men: slacks, jeans without holes or rips, button-up or polo style shirt or a suit.
  • Women: dress, skirt, nice pants, a nice blouse or jeans without holes or rips.

Standards of Behavior:

  • No weapons.
  • FOR A TRIAL: All evidence must be in paper form (3 copies-defendant, prosecutor, Judge).
  • All phone evidence will be disregarded.
  • FOR INSURANCE CITATIONS: All insurance verification must be in paper form.
  • No recording or taking of pictures.
  • Do not rest arms or hands on the bench.
  • No food, drink or chewing gum allowed in the courtroom.
  • Electronic devices not silenced could result in confiscation by the Bailiff until the end of Court.
  • Do not talk unless your case is being heard.
  • Address the Court as "Judge" or "Your Honor".