Sustainability News

Summer 2023

Glass is Back 2023

Starting this month, the new contract with Republic Services for recycling pick up and processing means Edmond residents can again place glass items in their residential blue recycling cart.

To cover the cost of adding glass to the acceptable recycling items list, the City of Edmond Solid Waste monthly fee for recycling service is now $5.58 per residence. Earlier this year, a resident survey showed overwhelming support for adding glass to the accepted items and for a fee increase to cover the cost of that addition. More than 3,500 customers responded to the survey, and of those 3,461 said they participate in the curbside recycling pickup program. More than 61 percent of customers responding said they would be willing to pay an additional monthly fee for the expanded service option.

Glass is accepted only for residential service. Just like plastic and paper items, glass items must be clean and dry before being placed in the recycling cart. Glass items are not accepted at the drop-off facility, located at 5300 Recycle Trail. The drop-off facility accepts only paper, cardboard, plastic, and cans.

As part of the curbside service, blue recycling carts are picked up on a bi-weekly basis. Recycling collection is scheduled for the same day as the weekly trash cart collection. However, the recycling and trash are collected by different trucks and at different times of the same day. 

Place the recycling cart at your curb/roadway before 7 a.m. on your designated collection day. The time of day varies for recycling collections. The collectors will work until dark to complete their routes if needed. Leave at least four feet between the recycling cart and the trash cart.

Place all recycling materials in the cart. There is no need to separate the materials. You can put your newspapers in a brown, craft paper bag to keep them from blowing on windy days.

For information on pickup schedules, items that can be placed in the residential recycling bin, and more, go to

Spring 2023

Energy Saving Trees Spring 2023 Opens in new window

The Energy-Saving Trees program started in 2016 and is a partnership between Edmond Electric, Urban Forestry, and The Arbor Day Foundation to provide Edmond residents with a free energy-saving tree. These trees provide energy-saving shade, improve air quality, help manage stormwater runoff, and more in our community. See more HERE.

Learn more about this program at

Spring 2021    

Edmond City Council Adopts Tree Preservation Ordinances

At the March 8th City Council meeting, the council unanimously passed the community’s first ordinances for tree preservation in new residential developments.  These ordinances will shape how future residential developments are carried out when it comes to removal and planting of trees on undeveloped land.

The major change requires that when a neighborhood is designed, at least 20% of the area will be set aside for tree preservation and open space. If there are no trees to be preserved, the planting of trees will be required. The area that is set aside will become a common area for all future property owners within the neighborhood.

A companion ordinance was developed to allow tree removals once a plan that complies with the design standards has been approved. Prior to that, the removal of trees from some undeveloped areas will be prohibited.    

“I’m impressed with the big picture sense of community of the stakeholders,” said Director of Community Image Ryan Ochsner. “Throughout the three-plus year process there was respect, understanding, and sometimes compromise from all involved. The result is a set of standards that is right for Edmond and will touch the daily lives of many residents as they have the opportunity to live next to part of the historic Cross Timbers forest.”

This topic was identified several years ago by the City Council and their desire to support optimal amounts of tree canopy.  The Urban Forestry Commission and City of Edmond Community Image staff began working on the ordinances in 2017 with a multitude of community stakeholders that included residents, local developers, designers and elected officials.  Before the City Council vote, the fully vetted ordinances received a positive recommendation from the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, Urban Forestry Commission, Development Impact Review Committee and the Edmond Planning Commission.

Award-Winning Sustainability Reports:

The City of Edmond 2018 Sustainability Reports won a Gold Addy Award at the 55th Annual American Advertising Awards of Oklahoma. The report was split into 3 parts. View each report below.

Cover Sustainability Report Part 1 Energy
Cover Sustainability Report Part 2 Land
Cover Sustainability Report Part 3 Water

Outdoor Water Conservation

FREE Online Classes Offered to Edmond Water Customers

In order to ensure Edmond maintains a healthy supply of water for the future, the City of Edmond Water Resources Department has partnered with the Oklahoma State University (OSU) Cooperative Extension Service to develop educational outreach to our residents promoting outdoor water conservation. A series of FREE recorded classes on various outdoor water conservation topics is available online.
To take these courses please visit: