Pure & Simple Wind Power Program

The natural beauty of Edmond is one of the reasons we choose to live here. And we want to make sure we preserve this beauty for generations to come. For years, Edmond Electric has used renewable hydroelectric power technologies to generate some of the electricity delivered to your home. There's an easy way to help the environment by participating in the development of electricity from a pure and non-polluting resource - wind. 

Wind as a "fuel" for generating electricity is clean, efficient and generally available to be tapped. The obvious benefit for us all is that we save our fossil fuel resources and avoid the environmental impacts associated with burning these fuels. 

Wind generation is gentle on the land and does not consume water or other resources. This means the vast majority of the land is undisturbed and can be used productively for farming or ranching while electricity is being produced.

Pure & Simple Program Rates

Edmond Electric customers can sign up for this extraordinary energy option based on availability. Naturally, homes powered by wind will have a more positive impact for our future generations. 

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Source: Pure & Simple Wind Power Rate Schedule