Learning Stations

Arcadia Lake Parks

Large, educational & interpretive signs about stormwater quality were installed by the City at three parks at Arcadia Lake to raise awareness of urban pollution of stormwater runoff. These colorful, informative signs provide simple steps around the home that each of us can do to help prevent pollution from entering our waterways.

Stormwater Quality staff are also currently developing educational signs about Edmond's watersheds. These will be installed at various parks throughout the city in the near future.
Spring Creek 2.jpg

Spring Creek Park, Arcadia Lake

Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

Another major public education project to visit is the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden at Bickham-Rudkin Park on 33rd St. between Bryant Ave. & Coltrane Rd. This garden was designed to demonstrate effective water management strategies within a residential landscape. Several applications are highlighted, including a rain garden, the use of native plantings, and two 1200-gallon cisterns for rainwater capture. For additional information, please see our Xeriscape Demonstration Garden brochure.
09-09-09 005.jpg
Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, Bickham-Rudkin Park