Volunteer Group of the Year Award

Volunteer Group of the Year
Several dedicated groups in Edmond have given their time and effort to help with enhancing our local Urban Forest. Through the Edmond Tree Awards, Urban Forestry has introduced a fun way to reward those efforts through door prizes, an end of year raffle and an annual award for the community group with the largest participation in the year’s Urban Forestry events. Read on to learn about how your group can win!

How does the award work?

Members of a community group will earn points at each event they participate in, and the points received increase in value with each event the member attends. For example:
Number of Events Attended
1st time
2nd time
3rd time
4th time
5th time
and so on...
Number of Points Earned At Each Event
2 3 4 5 and so on...
All of the points for members of a single group will be added up during Arbor Week at the end of March to determine the group with the largest amount of points. This group will win the Volunteer Group of the Year Award!

In addition to earning points for their group, individuals will accumulate points that increase their chances of winning an annual raffle announced at the Arbor Day Tree Planting at the end of March. Volunteers must attend the Arbor Day Tree Planting in order to be eligible to win the raffle, however. Door prizes will be given out at each event throughout the year, as well.

What does the group with the largest participation win?

The winning group will receive trees (of up to a $250 value), and Urban Forestry will place a recognition advertisement in a local publication.

Who is eligible to win?

Any community group in Edmond may enter by representative participation in Urban Forestry hosted volunteer events. Participants must sign in at the event with their name and group name to be given credit for their group.

What is the time frame for the award?

The Volunteer Group of the Year Award will be announced at the end of the Arbor Day Tree Planting, which takes place on the Saturday of the last full week in March. Groups can begin accumulating points for the next year’s award at the next scheduled volunteer event after that, starting in April.

Which events are eligible for points?

Only Urban Forestry events that are scheduled for participation by all of the public will contribute points toward a group’s tally. Events that are scheduled specifically for a certain group’s service project are not eligible, unless the event is publicized as open to participation by all Edmond residents.

Past winners

Edmond North High School SUN Club (2017)
Edmond Lions Club (2018)
Edmond North High School SUN Club (2019)