Demand & Energy Efficiency Program

Demand & Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP) provides funds, up to $100,000 annually per customer, to commercial customers who implement energy-saving measures that will reduce their summer peak electric demands. Projects are evaluated by Edmond Electric and Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) staff, on a case-by-case basis, and funds available for an individual project are determined through submission of detailed project plans.


A customer must meet the following qualifications in order for a project to be considered for approval:

  • Must submit a completed DEEP Application prior to the start of your project. If using a vendor, please see the OMPA 3rd Party Vendor Policy.
    • Existing Equipment - Contact Edmond Electric and request an inspection by OMPA of the existing equipment BEFORE replacement. 
    • New Construction - Contact Edmond Electric and request an inspection by OMPA  of the new equipment AFTER installation. 
  • Facility for proposed work is in Oklahoma and served by Edmond Electric.
  • Load must be classified as either commercial or industrial by Edmond Electric. Residential customers do not qualify for DEEP.

​Project Guidelines

  • Rebate amounts are up to $200/kW reduction during summer peak - setting times and are prorated for facilities that are open less than the maximum peak hours. 
    • Peak setting times are 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Monday - Friday, May through September. 
  • DEEP rebates cannot exceed the total cost of the materials invoiced. 
  • Individual rebates over $100,000 require approval by the OMPA Board of Directors. 
  • New installations (equipment that doesn't replace existing equipment) may qualify. A comparison of the proposed equipment to the minimum requirements of current energy codes and/or current standard practices will be required. 

Qualified Lighting Projects

  • The lighting replacement incentive is reserved for Public Entities. 
    •  A Public Entity is any non-profit organization accessible by and intended for the public, including but not limited to, public educational institutions, senior citizen facilities, libraries, municipal & government facilities, churches, etc.
  • The applicant must upgrade to the latest LED lighting with ballasts removed from the old fixtures or install new LED OEM fixtures. 
  • Rebates are on replacement of T8, T5 or other ballasted technologies ONLY. 
  • Incandescent, halogen, CFL and T12 replacements, or upgrades from older LED technology, do not qualify.
  • New facilities do not qualify.
  • Commercial business projects do not qualify.

Qualified Heat Pump & Geothermal Projects

  • Air - Source Heat Pump & Dual-Fuel Systems
    • New construction and replacement of existing units to higher efficiency units or upgrades from standard A/C units
    • <65,000 BTU/hour - minimum SEER 16
    • >65,000 and <135,000 BTU/hour - minimum EER 14
    • >135,000 BTU/hour - not covered
    • Rebate Amounts: 
      • Air-Source: $250/ton
      • Dual-Fuel: $175/ton
  • Ground-Source Heat Pump (Geothermal)
    • New construction and replacement of existing units to higher efficiency units or upgrades from standard A/C units
    • <135,000 BTU/hour - minimum EER 17
    • >135,000 BTU/hour - not covered
    • Rebate Amount: $200/ton

Projects that DO NOT Qualify

  • Exterior Lighting: Includes awnings, canopies, street lights, etc.
  • Interior Lighting: Includes retrofits or replacements of T12 fluorescent bulbs, standard incandescent and halogen bulbs.
  • Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)
  • Motors & Appliances
  • HVAC: Includes standard HVAC systems and replacement of Ground-Source Heat Pumps for newer units
DEEP Application
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