Heat Pump Rebates

This program applies to installations in buildings (both existing and new). Generally, each building or complex can only qualify once for these rebates, unless significant building additions cause the installation of additional heat pumps, or at least ten years have elapsed since the last rebate was approved for that location. Rebates will not be provided if it is determined the replacement unit will cause an increase in kilowatts, rather than a decrease. 

Any individual unit ≤ 65,000 BTU/hour can qualify by meeting the criteria listed below and is listed in the "Energy Star Certified Light Commercial HVAC" listing. 

Effective January 1, 2022 rebate amounts are as follows:
SEER 16.00 - 16.99 $125/ton $75/ton Minimum EER of 12.0 and Minimum HSPF of 9.0
SEER 17.00 - 17.99 $150/ton $100/ton Minimum EER of 12.0 and Minimum HSPF of 9.0
SEER 18.00 - 20.99 $225/ton $175/ton Minimum EER of 12.0 and Minimum HSPF of 9.0
SEER 21+ $250/ton $200/ton Minimum EER of 12.0 and Minimum HSPF of 9.0
Ducted or non-ducted Mini-Split Heat Pumps
18 SEER Minimum 
$100/ton N/A Minimum EER of 12.0 and Minimum HSPF of 9.0
Multi-Family Unit
18 SEER Minimum
$150/ton for first 50 units; $100/ton for remaining $100/ton for first 50 units; $50/ton for remaining Minimum EER of 12.0 and Minimum HSPF of 9.0
  Geothermal Electric Geothermal Dual Fuel Geothermal Replacement Geothermal Addition*
Minimum 17.1 EER Rating $800/cooling ton/AHRI $250/cooling ton/AHRI $250/cooling ton/AHRI $250 or $800/cooling ton/AHRI

*Must have at least one operating Integrated Water Heater or Desuperheater for domestic water heating, and is a new installation, or conversion from other type of HVAC system. 

*When adding a geothermal heat pump, if there isn't a previously drilled well exclusively for the added unit, or there is not a new well drilled exclusively for the added unit, the rebate will be the same as a geothermal replacement unit. 

  1. Current Energy Star minimum ratings used by this program are 17.1 EER for closed-loop geothermal heat pumps.
  2. Customers' classification (residential, commercial, industrial or institutional) is determined by the city's rate category for the customer.
  3. All rebate standards and amounts are subject to review and change as deemed necessary by Edmond Electric.
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  4. Rebate Forms

Edmond Electric offers FREE Home Energy Audits for interested customers. Contact Edmond Electric at (405) 216-7608 to schedule your free energy audit and learn what type of heat pump would work best for your home. 

New home construction will require a load analysis, which can also be performed by an Edmond Electric auditor.
A certified residential energy auditor must perform an energy audit for a residence prior to installation. Also, Edmond Electric personnel must inspect the equipment after installation to confirm that program requirements are met. For new homes, the audit can be performed using information provided by the builder; this information must be verified when the installed equipment is inspected by Edmond Electric personnel.