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The OKR10 CGP is currently under review by ODEQ for renewal in 2022. To stay up to date, visit ODEQ's OKR10 CGP webpage here. 

OKR10 CGP Introduction

Under the authority of the Oklahoma Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (OPDES) Act, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) issues the OKR10 Construction General Permit (CGP), which authorizes stormwater discharges associated with construction activities that result in land disturbance of equal to or greater than one (1) acre, or less than one (1) acre if they are part of a larger common plan of development that disturbs one (1) acre or more. An OKR10 permit is required before construction activity is allowed to begin at a site. Discharge of stormwater from a construction site without first obtaining a permit from ODEQ and submitting all four (4) required documents to the City of Edmond's Stormwater Quality Division is in violation of the following state statute and local ordinance and subject to enforcement by both ODEQ and the City of Edmond:

  • Title 27A O.S. §2-6-205 of the Oklahoma Statutes, and
  • Section 23.20.050(c) of the City of Edmond Code of Ordinances

2017 OKR10 CGP Issuance

The new 2017 OKR10 CGP was issued by ODEQ on September 18, 2017 and became effective on October 18, 2017, replacing the previous version of the OKR10 permit issued on September 13, 2012. Operators of active construction projects that were permitted under the 2012 OKR10 permit had 90 days (until January 16th, 2018) from the October 18th effective date of the new 2017 permit to submit a new NOI to both ODEQ and the City of Edmond, and update their SWP3 to comply with the new requirements. Operators were required to remain in compliance with the requirements of the 2012 OKR10 permit until new authorization was received from ODEQ. Please submit copies of all renewal documents (NOI, SWP3, OKR10 Permit, Authorization Letter) to the City of Edmond's Stormwater Quality Division. The 2017 permit and the authorizations issued under the permit shall have a fixed term of five (5) years from the effective date of issuance and will expire at midnight, October 17, 2022.

New Requirements of 2017 OKR10 CGP

The new 2017 OKR10 CGP includes updates and new requirements for OKR10 permit holders. The list below covers the basic areas of change that OKR10 permit holders need to know. This list is not all-inclusive and does not excuse operators from reviewing the new OKR10 permit document in full:
  • Notice of Intent (NOI) form changes (DEQ Form 606-002A): (OKR10 Part 2.1)
    • Provide the name, title, phone number, and email address for both the Operator's point-of-contact and the Project's point-of-contact
    • Provide estimated start and end dates for construction (format: MM/DD/YYYY)
    • Provide the total acreage of the construction site and the estimated disturbed acreage
    • Provide both the pre-construction and post-construction total impervious area in acres
    • Provide the post-construction runoff coefficient for the site
    • Describe the soil and fill material on site
    • Indicate whether the project discharges to a MS4
    • Describe the BMPs that will be used to control pollutants in stormwater discharges during construction
    • Describe the post-construction BMPs
    • Submit a modified NOI to ODEQ and the City of Edmond only if disturbed acreage increases. ODEQ will provide an acknowledgement by mail or email that the modified NOI has been received and processed. Forward ODEQ acknowledgement to COE when received.
  • Notice of Termination (NOT) form changes (DEQ Form 606-003): (OKR10 Part 2.2)
    • Include an aerial image or general site map showing project margins and stabilized areas
    • Provide a copy of the Notification of Change of Ownership (NCO) form (see OKR10 Addendum J) for each new owner/operator that purchased a portion of the site
  • Inspection Request Form (DEQ Form 606-009, discontinued):
    • The Inspection Request form has been removed as an option from the new 2017 OKR10 CGP
    • Instead, submitting the NOT form will serve as the inspection request
  • SWP3 Submittal: (OKR10 Part 4)
    • A permittee must submit a SWP3 with their NOI to ODEQ if their project area is subject to an approved TMDL, watershed plan, or local compliance plan
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Requirements:
    • The E&SC plan must now also control the stormwater volume and velocity to minimize soil erosion and pollutant discharge (OKR10 Part 3.3.1)
    • Stabilization is not required for exit points at linear utility construction sites IF other controls are provided at the exit point to minimize sediment track out (OKR10 Part 3.3.1)
    • Stockpiled sediment must be covered with appropriate temporary stabilization. Perimeter sediment barriers are no longer sufficient (OKR10 Part 3.3.1).
    • Sediment basins must maintain at least 1/2 the design capacity (OKR10 Part 3.3.1)
    • A "large bare area" has been defined as an area with 10 ft2 or more with no perennial vegetative cover established (OKR10 Part 3.3.2)
    • For construction and domestic waste, waste containers of sufficient size and number, with lids, shall be provided on site. Lids shall remain closed when not in use during precipitation events, when weather forecast indicates chance of precipitation, when the site is inactive or work is not in progress, and must be covered at the end of daily work shifts (OKR10 Part 3.3.3)
  • Asphalt Batch Plants: (OKR10 Part 3.4.1)
    • Stormwater discharges from asphalt batch plants must be monitored according to Addendum F of the OKR10 permit
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWP3): (OKR10 Part 4)
    • SWP3 shall be modified within 7 days of a triggering event
    • Other operators must be notified of changes
    • Maintain records
    • Former Part 4.4 "Keeping Plans Current" has been expanded
    • A current copy of the SWP3 must be available on site or at an easily accessible location so that it can be made available at the time of an on-site inspection by ODEQ or the City of Edmond
    • SWP3 must describe how the site will comply with any limitations, conditions, or requirements of a TMDL issued for the local waterbody
  • Addendum H - Buffer Requirements
    • Updated sediment removal efficiency values for various BMPs in Tables H-1 through H-4
  •  New & Updated Definitions for following terms: (OKR10 Part 8)
    • Construction activities
    • Construction site, site, development, project, or construction
    • Construction support activity
    • Corrective actions
    • Hazardous substances, hazardous, or toxic waste
    • Large common plan of development or sale
    • Non-process water
    • Dewatering activities
    • Impaired water
    • Stabilization

Compliance Assistance


  • Edmond's Code of Ordinances (specifically Title 23) 
  • General Permit OKR10 for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities within the State of Oklahoma (effective October 18, 2017)

BMP Selection

SWP3, Notice of Intent (NOI), Inspection & Corrective Action Report Development

  • NOI (ODEQ) - may be submitted to for review
  • New! The City of Edmond requires that all OKR10 permitted sites use ODEQ's new SWP3, Construction Site Inspection and Corrective Action Report Form Templates (also available on ODEQ's Stormwater webpage)

General Stormwater Information

Edmond Publications

This guide describes the appropriate Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) practices needed to protect Edmond's waterways, and provides a simple way of identifying good and bad examples of erosion and sediment control techniques. Properly installed and maintained ESC practices are required by Building Permits and City of Edmond ordinances.

Construction Site Field Guide to Erosion and Sediment Control Brochure
Construction Site Field Guide to Erosion and Sediment Control Brochure (Spanish)

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) Stormwater Contacts

OKR10 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) Review (If > 40 Acres)

Name Position Details Phone Email
Michael Moe Manager                 - (405) 702-8208 Email
Cailyn Prather Administrative Assistant                 - (405) 702-8238 Email
Ismat Esrar Professional Engineer Permit/SWP3 questions (405) 702-8193 Email

 OKR10 Permit Administration - Environmental Complaints and Local Services (ECLS) Stormwater Unit

Name Position Phone Email
ECLS Stormwater Unit
 Main Number
(405) 702-6100 N/A
- Vacant -  Stormwater Manager (405) 702-6184 N/A
Matt Pace* Permitting Manager (405) 702-6209 N/A
Misty Johnson Invoices (405) 702-6205 Email
TBA** NOI Submittals (405) 702-6116 N/A
Keri Jernigan Technical Review (405) 702-6206 N/A
Sandra Purvis Technical Review (405) 702-6182 Email
Janie Bender NOT Submittals (405) 702-6170 N/A
Andrew Burgess Permit Finalizations (405) 702-6167 N/A
*Matt Pace will be serving as the interim Stormwater Manager for ECLS until a full-time replacement is hired. 

**Da'Jon Diggs' (NOI Submittals) last day with ODEQ was 1/6/2021. Her duties will be shared by the rest of the staff until a replacement can be hired. Until then, Andrew Burgess will be answering her calls and Misty Johnson will be processing the majority of the NOI Submittals. 

OKR10 Enforcement & Compliance Assistance - Water Quality Division (WQD) and Environmental Complaints and Local Services (ECLS) Division 

Name Position Division Phone Email
Myles Mungle Engineering Manager WQD (405) 702-8121 Email
Jordan Hultgren Engineer Intern II WQD (405) 702-8214 Email
David Mercer District Rep (SW OK) WQD (405) 702-8173 Email
E. Denning District Rep (NE OK) WQD (918) 293-1626 Email
Monica Ha, EI District Rep (NW OK) WQD (405) 702-8236 Email
Shane Hacker District Rep (S Central OK) WQD (405) 702-8108 Email
Toby Harden District Rep (N Central OK) WQD (405) 702-8109 Email
Travis Herrian District Rep (SE OK) WQD (405) 702-8111 Email
John Brown Environmental Attorney WQD (405) 702-7136
Ryan McIntosh Regional Manager ECLS (405) 702-6179 Email
Stephen Henry Environmental Spec. (central Edmond) ECLS (405) 702-6173 Email
Ashley Sebree Environmental Spec. (N of Waterloo) ECLS (405) 702-6199 Email
Kory Collier Env. Spec. (W of May, N of Waterloo) ECLS (405) 702-6198 Email
Paden House Env. Spec. (E Edmond, Arcadia) ECLS (405) 702-6179 Email
Note: WQD will oversee OKR10-permitted sites > 40 acres, and ECLS will monitor sites < 40 acres.